Race 6 – Recap

Robbie Michaels, Superior Hobbies owner, in Casselberry, Florida thought that April would be the perfect month to hold the annual FSEARA event.  He couldn’t have been more right!  The weather in Orlando on April 17th was phenomenal!  Low 80’s with a slight breeze, perfect for on-road racing! 

                Superior Hobbies is in a fantastic location with stores, hotels, restaurants, and the premier hobby shop in the Southeast within walking distance.  The track that the superior crew laid down Friday was technical with several high speed sections that would challenge even the most experienced racers that follow the FSEARA series, but smooth and loaded with traction.

                Ruffy Rios and his son, Ryan, finished in first and second in the FLRCGT class.  This spec class is very entertaining to watch as they run realistic bodies and treaded HPI tires.

                Ryan Rios also managed to win the World GT class, with Bill Fraden in second, and Dave Willits finishing third.

                17.5 Pro touring was more of a driving exhibition.  TQ, and former FSEARA champion, Dave Bowser left at the tone and never looked back, but Austin Harrison and Michael Bruce were right on Dave’s bumper and gaining fast.  Austin had a slight bobble letting Michael past and allowing him to gain on the leader.  All the while the rest of the field was close enough that any mistake would drastically change the race.  Final outcome was Dave Bowser in 1st, Michael Bruce 2nd, Austin Harrison 3rd, Troy Schaffer 4th, Joel Bandera 5th, Jim Sowa 6th, Luis Vega 7th, Dave Franklin 8th, Tim Caporal 9th, and Kyle Eden, who is normally a top three contender, finishing in 10th position due to mechanical difficulties.

                Many thanks to our sponsors, who help make these events, and the series happen.  See you next month in Punta Gorda for the series seventh and final race of the 2010-2011 season!

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