Updated Schedule – 2 day events….

 It was voted on by the track owners to try a 2 day race format. If you show up on Saturday your entry fee is $40.00. If you only race Sunday your entry fee will be $30.00. The schedule we will try to follow will be as follows:

Saturday Practice till 10:45.
Drivers meeting then first qualifier will start at 11am.
Round 2 will start at 1pm. Round 3 at 3pm.

Sunday Practice till 9:45
Round 4 at 10am. Round 5 at noon and mains at 2pm.

Tire will be solaris at all tracks.

The only track that will not do a one day is Minnreg. Minnreg already has the oval stuff scheduled for Saturday. They will also run 2 qualifiers and then the mains.

The reason for going to ROAR VTA is Novak is no longer in business and this really is a ROAR sanction series.

Reminders for everyone.
You must register for the race before you go on the track for practice.
Each track will set the computer for 3 minutes between heats. This will actually give you 4 to 4:30 to do your hot laps and be ready.
If you run 21.5 you cannot run 17.5 or 13.5. The 21.5 class is the stock class. Let’s keep it that way.

Here are the race dates and classes for 2016/17 season.

Race #1 – Sept 24th, 25th – MB Racing Strickland (Held at 386 Raceway)(Daytona)
Race #2 – Oct 15th, 16th – Village Raceway
Race #3 – Nov 19th, 20th – Full Throttle Raceway (Kissimmee)
Race #4 – Jan 15th – Minnreg RC Thunder (Largo)
Race #5 – March 25th, 26th – Superior (Held at Full Throttle)(Kissimmee)
Race #6 – April 29th, 30th – Valkaria RC (Valkaria)
Race #7 – May 20th, 21st – Fort Myers Civic Center (Fort Myers)
Race #8 – June 17th, 18th – 386 Raceway (Daytona)

2017 Regionals Feb 25th and 26th – Nuggets Ranch Raceway (Arcadia)

Classes are as follows:

21.5 Stock Touring
17.5 Pro Stock Touring
13.5 Pro Touring
VTA 25.5 (ROAR Rules)
17.5 GT
Promoters – Up to track which extra class they run. Tracks only get 1 extra class.

We are working on Class Sponsors. I have a couple already and will be announced when I get all classes taken care of.

David Larry

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